Feb 28, 2010

This space reserved for shameless self-promotion

Hello all and welcome to my blog.
As you can see this is my very first post. I'm new to blogging & I don't know if I'll be very good at it at all. It seems like nowadays everybody has a blog, so in the interest of self-promotion, I have decided to jump on the bandwagon...

I make jewelery. And cards. And stained glass. And...well, a bunch of other stuff too. So, my intention is to give a little preview of what I'm making and what I have going up for sale in my little online store!
The first necklace is a simple (but very pretty) vintage style brass chain with a vintage style brass flower on it. The flower can be converted into a brooch.
The second necklace is one of my favorites, it is faceted carnelian with glass drops and circles.

Thanks for stopping by!