Jul 4, 2010

I love Picksburgh!

DH is starting a new job and therefore took a week off in between leaving the old one & starting the new......Soooooo we went to visit the 'Burgh, specifically to go to Kennywood, but we also went dahntahn n'at.(for those of you who don't know Picksburghese, that means Downtown and stuff).

Now I did not grow up in, near or around Pittsburgh, but I truly love the city and its burbs. The city is beautiful, it has interesting architecture, the people are nice and there is so much to see and do! I do not need an excuse to visit this gem of a city, if you asked me tomorrow, "wanna go to Pittsburgh?" I'd be in the car faster than you can say Monongahela!

We got in to town on Tuesday & went to the Clark building first, (Diamond district peeps!) I had bent the prong on my ring & wanted to get it fixed. From there we went to the top of Mount Washington. I just love looking at the city from up there!
Pittsburgh has a reputation for being "partly clahdy" (read mostly cloudy)but the weather for our trip was as beautiful as could be! Blue skies, fluffy white clouds, and temperatures in the 70s! So awesome!

Since we were at the top of Mount Washington, we rode the Monongahela Incline down the Mountain and walked over to Station Square, an old train station from the Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad, that was converted into a shopping mall.
We walked around a bit and then headed back up the hill...

And then we went to "The Strip" (the strip district-not what you're thinking!) to eat at Primanti's! YUM!

All of their sandwiched are served with french fries, coleslaw & tomato on the sandwich! It sounded gross the first time someone had told me about them, but it is absolutely delicious!

After lunch, we checked into our hotel and changed clothes to meet with some friends who live in the Burgh. We stayed at the Holiday Inn because it was inexpensive and near Kennywood, our destination for the next day. The room was nice and clean, the sheets were bright white and clean and the staff was friendly and welcoming.

We even got a bonus with our room...Skittles!
When I stood on top of the bench in our room to get a pic I saw these two lonely skittles on top of the TV armoire! As I said before our room was clean, I just think that housekeeping missed this on the last cleaning, since the top of the armoire was dust free, they hadn't been there long. I found it amusing & left them there!

Then it was off to dinner with our friends then to bed anticipating Kennywood the next day!...

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