Jul 9, 2010

Last day in the Burg

Thursday was our last day in the Burg, so we did a little more sightseeing & picture taking. (Well I did sight seeing & picture taking, while DH cringed at my obvious"tourist" behavior.) I saw some great architecture including this beautiful blue building with vases and scrolls on it in relief.
Image is from Robin Rombach/Post-Gazette

After a bit of research on teh intarwebs, I found that this building is called the Buhl building and it was built in
1913 and designed by Pittsburgh architect Benno Janssen. We saw the Allegheny courthouse and jail which is a gorgeous castle like building. (too pretty to be a jail!) There is a bridge between the courthouse part and the jail called the bridge of sighs. It was modeled after the Bridge of Sighs in Venice.

Image is from About.com

We headed toward Market Square and my favorite building, the PPG building otherwise known as the glass castle. DH relented and let me take lots of pics at that point. (he did stand a few feet away from me though!)

There were some kids playing in the fountain in the PPG Plaza:

I wanted to play in it too but I would have been wet for the rest of the day...not the best idea if I was planning on walking around downtown. Besides the fact that DH probably would have left me there on the spot! As I was watching the kids play, he said "don't get any ideas". Does he know me or what!

By the time we got over to market square, all of the outdoor vendors were packing up their stands from Market Thursday. No matter, I was hankerin' for another Primanti's Sammich! I gotta get 'em while I can!

Admittedly the sign & building aren't quite as cool at the one 'down the strip' but the sammiches are just as yummy!

After filling our bellies, we headed out to meet up with our friend who has a cabin out in Somerset county. He grows hops on his land!

We drank a few beers and just chilled out (literally, the temperature had dropped to the 40s) on the wrap around porch, and caught up on old times. I just love being there, it is so relaxing.

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