May 30, 2010

These are my cats...

Just thought I'd post some pics of my crazy kitties...the grey one is mine(she is a big girl, Mainecoon mix)and the orange one is DH's (she is a chubby orange tabby, an anomaly, the orange ones are usually male)

They are our four-legged furry children & we adopted them from a no-kill shelter. They had been there for about 3 years before we got them. Adult cats are often overlooked when people want cats, kittens have the "cute" factor and are usually snatched right up while the older ones are left behind. But kittens grow up & a lot of the cats from this shelter were abandoned once the cute wore off. Sad :( If you are looking to get a cat I strongly suggest looking for a no-kill shelter in your area and seeing some of the wonderful felines... Adult cats have already developed personalities and believe me, ours really have personalities!

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