Jun 3, 2010

Spinach! And roses!

I had my first harvest of Spinach a couple weeks ago. It was sooooooo delicious. I also had an arugula harvest too. DH enjoyed his arugula salad! I harvested some extra and washed, dried and bagged it for my wonderful neighbors too. When I went over to drop off the lovely leafy greens, I was treated to some beautiful roses from Mrs. Neighbor's garden! She gave me so many that I actually was able to make 3 arrangements! Here is the main one I made:

The darker pink ones are called "knockout roses" and they bloom all summer long. The pale, pale pink ones she grew from one single rose by rooting one of her MIL's flowers. That was 25 years ago and now the rose bush covers the entire fence on the side of the house. (it's a climbing rose)

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