Jun 10, 2010

Mom's b-day card & mini disaster

So my Mom recently had a birthday, and I made her this cool birdie gate card:

The tag for the envelope:

The Front:The inside:
The gate stamp and birds are from Hero Arts. (I love their stamps!) the Sakura blossom was an altered die cut flower, and the words were cut on my craft robo (designed in inkscape). I even made a fold out stand attached to the back so it could stand up on its own. That was interesting to design on my die cutting machine!

For her gift, I got her this really cool ceramic birdhouse.... Its kind of hard to describe, it looked a little like a mushroom, but the bottom of it ended in kind of a point of graduated rings...like an upside down honeycomb. Here is my crude rendition of it:

She absolutely loved it & told all her girlfriends about it. When she got home & went to get it out of the car, she dropped it & it shattered. :( She was so bummed about it she must have told everyone about it, twice. Her girlfriends were like "we know, you e-mailed us".

If anyone who sees this knows where to find another like it, please let me know. I'd love to replace it for her. I found it at Home Goods, but have not seen another, and I've gone to all of the Home Goods, Marshalls, TJ Maxx stores, etc. in my area to no avail.


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  2. Thanks Melissa! I am obviously new to blogging & there are soooo very many out there, it is nice to hear from readers that I am contributing something worthwhile. :) -Hushgirl